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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Proper Nutrition

In the world, there are so many different diets, food systems. Many of them help, but it’s worth remembering that all foods are chosen completely independently. So don’t assume that if the diet has helped others, it will help you. Another thing is proper nutrition, respect for fundamental rights must be carried throughout life, not in a particular period of time. Proper Nutrition should be a way of life. By following a proper diet for lose weight fast is possible not only to maintain her figure in shape but also to improve their health and to make your life more harmonious.

Scientists of many countries have shown that the human body is subject to the laws of thermodynamics. In this regard, based on healthy and nutritious food is a principle: the energy value should correspond to power expenses of an organism. But to my great regret, this condition is most often violated. Namely, in this connection, the calorie consumption of products (sugars, potato, bread, etc.) is significantly higher than the energy costs. As a result, each year of life is stored mass that moves in overweight and obesity.

Also, there is a second principle – the chemical composition of substances must necessarily individually fit the physiological needs of the organism. According to the rules, each day the body needs to do no less than seventy different ingredients. They are vital because not synthesized in the body. From this comes the following principle of proper nutrition – the maximum variety of food.

Last, but not least, the principle of Proper nutrition – a correct diet. Good food – this alternation, frequency, and regularity of meals. The need for nutrients, energy, and food entirely individually selected depending on the needs of the organism, the age and physical activity.

Proper Nutrition for Weight Loss

Many people mistakenly believe that if the right to choose for themselves a set of products on the number of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and calories, the body will get the necessary proper nutrition, but it is not so. To achieve this, the following conditions must be considered:

• Time reception conditions and the multiplicity of food
• The number of calories of food intake

Fundamental rules – Proper Nutrition

So, to eat well, but do not gain weight and to always look your best, following the norms of a healthy diet must be followed:

1 . As often as possible to eat fruits and vegetables.

But here we should mention that the vegetables you need to eat more than the result of the fact that fruits contain significant amounts of sucrose.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 01

Strange as it may sound, but no one lose weight fast, it has not yet succeeded due to the apples. The same applies to pears, bananas, watermelons and melons, as they contain a lot of calories. But without them, of course, it is also impossible. You just need to take it a rule not to eat at a time, the whole bunch of bananas. But as pineapple, grapefruit, and oranges, there are no restrictions; you can eat them in large quantities.

Also, do not forget about vegetables. Vegetables are an integral part of a proper and balanced diet. They contain high amounts of minerals, vitamins, and fiber, which is essential for weight loss.

2. It is necessary to drink enough water as possible.

But to get involved in this course is not worth it because it can lead to edema. Daily water intake is two liters. An ideal variant is considered mineral water, which in its composition does not contain fat, sugar, and caffeine, which abound in other beverages.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 02

Should be minimized, and it is better to abandon the use of Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola . Firstly, it is very harmful to the whole body, and secondly – sweet. Water will help to improve the digestive system, and of course a beneficial effect on the skin.

3. Necessarily it is necessary to reduce to a minimum the consumption of biscuits, cookies, candy, cakes and similar products.

Naturally, you cannot categorically refuse to sweet. Due to the absence in the body of soft, sad mood, and reduced mental capacity. But daily use flour products, of course, is not necessary.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 03

If the rejection of sweet – it is quite a difficult task, it is a need to use cookies with little fat and cakes – without creams.

4. For breakfast, eat porridge.

Despite the fact that many claims that contribute to the completeness of porridge, it is not so. And why plump when cooked oatmeal on the water without the addition of butter? It is best to cook breakfast oatmeal with bananas, raisins or apples. As an option – rice porridge with honey or buckwheat with a few carrots and onions.

The thing is that cereals contain so-called “long” carbohydrates, which is not immediately absorbed into the body, as opposed to the “short,” which are contained in flour products. But in turn, kasha supply the body with energy until lunch.

5. Constant movement.

This is particularly the case of those who have a sedentary job. On weekends, you can use the swimming pool, aerobics, fitness or shaping. If you do not like sports, you can at least once a week to visit the nightclubs.

You can also ride a bus or taxi to replace walking because it is a universal tool for weight loss. Only worth considering that you need to go quickly, per minute to do no less than a hundred paces. A night walk will help the stomach digest food faster.

6. During the meal, you need to focus on the food.

During the food, you need to think only of her.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 05

In no case, can not watch TV, read or talk. Otherwise, the brain can not understand that the food is already sufficient, and even if the body will have enough food, it psychologically feels hunger. As a result, any portion may be small; it is, for this reason, will be a surplus of calories.

7. Substitute products.

The reason for this rule is that you must learn to replace high-calorie foods, products less harmful to the health of the whole organism.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 06

If it ‘s hard to give up meat, the fat pork can be substituted with beef or chicken. Sunflower oil can be replaced with olive. Fatty cream – natural yogurt. Sugar – sugar substitute or honey. The first few days will be difficult, but then the body gets used.

8. Say no habits.

Naturally, no one makes completely abandon alcohol. Just when there is a reason to drink and do not want to give up, it is worth remembering that in beverages, which include alcohol, contain massive amounts of sugar, which will negatively affect the figure and the body’s overall health.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 07

We must make it a rule to drink no more than one glass of wine at a time. It should be remembered that alcohol, particularly vodka, entails a significant amount of high-calorie snacks, which is not the best impact on the figure.

9. Learn how to reduce portions.

The best way to keep yourself in shape this is half the portions that you eat right now. To help to pass away the small plates, in which a portion will visually appear much larger.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 08

But in stores, during the purchase of the same amount, you can buy fewer products, buying better and more expensive.

10. In no case do not go shopping on an empty stomach.

The fact is that in the fasted state, you can buy extra products that are not like with proper nutrition.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 09

It is necessary to grasp the fundamental policy: when you buy products you need to focus on the products of vegetable origin and, of course, do not forget about meat and fish.

11. Constantly changing diet.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 10

Do not stop at a certain choice of dishes; you need to invent and implement new recipes always. If today for breakfast porridge, then tomorrow – spinach with chicken, and the next day – a salad of shrimp and avocado.

12 . To take it a rule – do not eat after seven o’clock in the evening.

Of course, to implement this in the lives of many is just impossible. Most come home from work after seven but also need to have time to dine. The ideal situation is considered to dinner at work, but if it fails, then there are two ways:

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 12

  • Give the enemy dinner
  • After supper seven pm, but in this case, it should be easy. It should include fruits and vegetables. Also, you can eat a hundred grams of low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese

And of course, the main thing here is not the “seven o’clock,” and that the dinner should be at least three hours before bedtime.

13. Counting calories is necessary.

If energy consumption is much greater than the flow rate, neither of which figure is not out of the question. But it is not always the case. You can simply count calories in food consumed. To keep yourself in shape you need a day to eat no more than 1200 calories to lose weight – 800 calories. And with the purchase of goods, you need to pay attention to the calorie content of 100 g

14. Do not be nervous.

The fact is that stress is not conducive to lose weight fast.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 13

We need to give yourself at least half an hour a day, take an aromatic bath, do a relaxing massage, listen to your favorite music, walking in nature, in a word, to do what your heart desires.

15. Do not overeat.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 14

It should be taken as a rule, get up from the table a little hungry. In this state, the body will be easier to recycle food.

The products that prolong life – Proper Nutrition 

For most people who value their health, they know how to eat right and maintain the figure in good shape, have a great opportunity to keep the body fit and in spirit. Next, we will focus on products that extend life.

1. Apples

Apple’s in its composition contain a large number of trace elements and vitamins, which can improve the performance of the vessels and the heart, and of course, enhances the immune system.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 15

Also, apples contain large amounts of quercetin, a substance that has an anti-inflammatory effect, inhibits the growth of cancer cells and affects free radicals.

Those people who eat at least one apple a day, not facing Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Fish

For those who care about the cardio – vascular system, it is necessary to replace the meat with fish periodically. If at least three times a week for lunch eat fish, it will significantly reduce the risk of myocardial disease. This is because it contains omega-3, which in turn affect the first cell membranes.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 16

According to statistics, the population of those countries, who consume fish in large quantities, for example, the Inuits or the Japanese, much less ill cardio – vascular disease than those who do not eat fish.

3. Garlic

We all know that garlic is necessary to improve the immune system and of course, the common cold.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 17

But regular consumption of garlic and improves the gastrointestinal tract protects the body from the occurrence of cardio – vascular diseases and even reduces the risk of cancer.

4. Strawberries

Many people believe that vitamin C in lemons most than other fruits and berries, but it is not so. For example, a strawberry, it is several times greater.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 18

Also, fruit contains a lot of iron, which in turn help to increase immunity. Also, fruits, rich in essential oils and coloring substances that stop and prevent the occurrence of cancer, contributing to curbing the formation of specific enzymes.

5. Carrots

It’s no secret that free radicals are capable of destroying the genetic structure and provoke cancer. A beta-carotene, which is contained in large amounts in carrots neutralize them.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 19

Regular consumption of carrots improves skin condition and vision. But in salads with carrots better to add sour cream, because beta-carotene is more soluble in fats.

6. Hot chili pepper

Include in your daily diet chili, after only two weeks, speeding up the metabolism, leading to Lose Weight Fast .

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 20

Due to the sharp taste of pepper caused by the content of capsaicin, produce more gastric juice, and this, in turn, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines and stomach.

7. Green Tea

Green tea improves metabolism and as a consequence, reduction of weight, if at least four drinking cups per day.

Proper Nutrition for Weight loss - 21

This tea contains catechins, bioactive substance useful for the human organism. But in black tea, it is not, it is destroyed in the cooking process.

Men who prefer green tea black insured against prostate cancer and atherosclerosis.

How to properly combine foods – Proper Nutrition

1. How to use protein

During the reception of the protein can be consumed any food products that do not contain in the structure of starch.


• celery
• spinach
• zucchini
• bow
• beans
• green bean
• tops of root crops and cabbage

Eating foods that contain starch, it is desirable to complement them nothing tucked leafy green vegetables. In this salad, you can add radishes, cabbage, bell peppers or tomatoes.

2. How to use starch

Starch is bad enough combined with other products. But despite this, products that contain starch, can not be combined with each other.

For example, bread and potatoes are digested completely differently, so if you use them together, they will interfere with each other. To starchy foods is well absorbed by the body, they need to chew. This meal is best to eat for lunch. With starch products perfectly match the root vegetables and light.

3. How to eat fruit

Almost all the fruit is very useful to be combined with nuts, and vegetables and root crops that do not contain starch.

In no case can not eat fruit for a snack, even if they are better to replace dinner or breakfast. It is equally useful to eat fruit half an hour before a meal.

Excellent to combine those fruits that are ripe in one season.

Proper use of food throughout the day – Proper Nutrition

Immediately after waking up, the human body has not yet earned the breakfast, since not been spent energy. For this reason, there must be light breakfast foods, such as fresh or steamed vegetables, vegetable juice or fruit puree. Fruits and vegetables are digested by the body quickly, but nevertheless, they quickly fill the body with energy.

In parallel, nutrition advises complying with the daily routine. It is advisable to get up a little before six o’clock in the morning, and that the body and mind were in good shape.

Immediately after waking up to drink a glass of slightly warm water. Because of this, the work starts the digestive tract. To start, you need for breakfast when the body itself demands it. It is desirable that breakfast consisted of fruit or light cereals.

Since twelve o’clock and finishing two hours of the day, you can afford to have very abundant. After a good lunch, we need a little sit-down and breathe quietly, closing the left nostril. According to many doctors, it activates the digestion.

In six or seven o’clock in the evening I need a little dinner, include eating vegetables and proteins. After the evening meal, you need to perform the same breathing exercises, as in the lunch.

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