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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Protect Yourself from the Breast Cancer

Despite the case that in recent years there has been a trend of increasing life expectancy, it is still very far from the biblical guide. A particular obstacle to the desired longevity is the growing incidence of breast cancer.

Statistics tell us that breast cancer (breast cancer) annually in the world ill about 1 million women. Every 2 minutes in the European Union diagnosed with breast cancer; Every 6 minutes a woman dies. But here’s the paradox: these facts are not afraid and do not even guard a lot of us. The proof of this will serve as an honest answer to the question: “Have you been at least once in a lifetime diagnostic mammogram?” Just like that, for no reason, as a preventive measure? Kudos to you if – yes! But recent research suggests that nearly half of women over 35 years of such an examination did not pass.

In other age groups, the situation is even worse, as many believe that the youth – is a kind of protection against cancer, and miss precious time.

But breast cancer – this is one of the most studied and best-treatable forms of cancer. What does it mean? Only one thing: time detected breast tumor radically curable, despite the fact that the disease itself is very dangerous and capable of slowly and almost without any symptoms to “capture” the whole body. The conclusion is clear: every woman just needs to know all about the disease.

Why there is breast cancer?

Although 100% reliable information about what causes most types of breast cancer, there is no known risk factors that improve the likelihood of its occurrence. I wonder what is simply being a woman, by definition, it is a major risk factor for breast cancer. This is because women are significantly more breast cells than the firm half of humanity, and it is these cells under the influence of female hormones can regenerate into cancer. How?

It believed that the culprit is our hormones, changing throughout life. It not excluded that this is why the peak incidence of breast cancer accounts for menopause: 55-65 years. However, breast cancer can be found in much younger women, especially those who have had gynecological diseases, some artificial abortions or free use of hormonal contraceptives. You should also know that women without children and those who gave birth to their first child after age 30, the risk of developing breast cancer increases.

Another risk factor for breast cancer is considered to be hereditary. If the cancer was your mother, aunt, grandmother or other relatives in the maternal line, you – at risk. The thing is that the possible changes at the DNA level, due to which we usually resemble their parents, not only affect our physical resemblance. This molecule carries information about the algorithm of activity of all cells, including breast cancer cells.

Why there is the breast cancer?

DNA controls the process of growth, division, and death of cells. Some genes in DNA can cause cells actively share, while others, on the other hand, inhibit this division. It is known that malignant tumors can cause by time changes (mutations) in the very sections of DNA located where the genes that trigger tumor development or remove genes that suppress its growth. Provoke mutation can anything. Stress, hypothermia, trauma, wearing a tight bra or weight gain. It is believed that obesity increases the risk of developing breast cancer by 40%. And all because of that extra weight drastically alter the hormonal balance of the woman.

Provoke breast cancer and is able to alcohol. Drinking alcohol every day increases the risk of breast cancer by 21%. There is no single answer as to why this is so, does not exist, but most scholars are inclined to believe that the use of alcohol in the blood of women is a sharp improvement in the number of sex hormones. For the prevention of breast, cancer woman is better to drastically reduce the use of alcohol or did refuse it.

The structure of the breast – another risk factor

Female breast consists of lobules, ductal, fatty and connective tissue, blood and lymph vessels, which run in the axillary lymph nodes, which allows tumor cells appeared to move freely with the flow of lymph throughout the mammary gland, and even reach the other organs and tissues. Thus, resected cancer breast one lobe is not 100% protection against the occurrence of tumor in another fraction of the body is sometimes required, additional irradiation of adjacent areas of the operated breast. But X-ray irradiation in itself is a factor that provokes the tumor process and requires a very cautious attitude to itself: in particular, the calculation of the radiation dose in research and therapy. Of course, all of these challenges solved by the doctor, and we ourselves can help you?

Help yourself!

In the case of breast cancer an extremely important role for regular self. Each woman must have at least once a month to feel your breasts, it is better for 5-12-th day from the beginning of the menstrual cycle. What is cause for concern? Seals of any location, shapes and sizes, skin retraction or nipple (such a change may cause the emerging tumor), isolation of breast (particularly bleeding, brown and amber). But pain (alone or when touched to the chest), associated with the menstrual cycle, often banal suggests mastitis.

Symptoms of breast cancer may be different. But if detected at least one of them, you should promptly seek to mammologist.

But do not immediately panic if you notice a lump in her breast. Remember that half of all women over the age of 30 years, a priori, there are some changes in the breast.

Methods of diagnosis of breast cancer

To date, there are many methods of diagnosis of malignant breast tumors. In particular, the primary treatment physician mammology must offer you the following examinations:
blood-analysis or the determination of tumor marker;
-mammography biopsy followed if necessary;
-UZI, which will allow distinguishing a cyst from the tumor mass.

Upon confirmation of breast cancer use additional methods of inspection:
– chest X-ray that can detect lesions tumoral process of the lung tissue;
– bone scan;
– computed tomography to detect involvement of other internal organs, if any;
– magnetic resonance imaging;
– PET diagnostics – Positron emission imaging that uses radioactive glucose identify possible pathways of cancer.

Only after passing all of these studies, a decision is a therapy, local or systemic.

Methods of treating breast cancer

The purpose of local treatment – the impact on the tumor without damaging other parts of the body. Examples of such treatments are surgery and radiation. Systemic treatment comprises administering anticancer drugs orally or intravenously to destroy cancer cells that may have spread beyond the breast. These methods include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immuno therapy.

Prevention of breast cancer

The most reliable way to prevent breast cancer is a medical examination or a regular transit checkups. However, there are other methods. For example, the fight against overweight. Particularly lazy, you can recommend a water diet, the essence of which is to increase your water intake, thus replacing the amount of food eaten. Will be able to keep an optimum weight of up to 25 years, postmenopausal breast cancer risk fall by half!

Incidentally, a well-known vitamin D capable of suppressing the growth of tumor cells. Especially important is its concentration in the body of girls aged 10 to 30 years. Therefore sunbathe more, but do not lose a measure of solar radiation over – another risk factor for breast cancer.

Useful for chest exercises in the pool, as well as some food: cabbage (its components are not interchangeable for the health of the female breast), carrots (a storehouse of vitamin A), apples, corn, soybeans, beans.

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