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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Rapid Weight Loss – In such situations, the vast majority of women come immediately thought of a diet that guarantees fast results but are you willing to sacrifice good health, healthy metabolism, a fresh look, and a good mood to achieve this goal in a very short period? The sharp and rapid weight loss is popular with women, but some negative consequences accompany it.

1. Fast return the lost weight

Rapid weight loss is not only dangerous to health but not for long. When the pressure goes rapidly, the body gets used to operating with fewer calories and slows metabolism. While at first, you can lose weight fast dramatically, after a while the effect of power decreases, weight loss becomes a problem. Your motivation to continue at the same rate is significantly reduced. A few lost kilos, most likely, will be back as soon as you return to a regular diet – it is a well-known yo-yo effect. And what is most frustrating – the weight comes much faster than the leaves.

2. Depression and eating disorders

The sharp decrease in the number of calories produced by the body affects the mental health and can lead to depression, turn famine into the habit and lead to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

3. Malnutrition

The extreme and rapid weight loss – it is a sign that the body is not getting the right nutrients. It can lead to malnutrition. If the situation persists for a long time, it will provoke a decrease in immunity.

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4. The reduction of muscle mass

The body has a limited ability to burn fat. When the body is not enough food to the hungry and not in other sources of energy, it consumes muscle. Perhaps the weight reduction of more than a kilo a week you feel achievement, but it is not okay. Storing fat due to the loss of muscle tissue entails the loss of body shape, relaxation; that is not attractive.

5. Slowing metabolism

Drastic calorie reduction leads to a slower metabolism. Stringent restrictions in their diet survival trigger mechanism – the body’s metabolism slows down to burn fewer calories and survive for a long time.

6. Irregular menstruation

Strict diets are a threat to reproductive health, especially for young girls. Rapid weight loss, lack of vitamins and minerals lead to a delay menstruation, skipping cycles and decrease menstrual bleeding.

7. Reduction of sexual desire

Just as obesity, sudden weight loss can kill the desire to close. Strict diets cause irritability, fatigue, and depression in some cases, and in this situation the desire for reduced intima: there’s just not up to it.

8. Hair loss

It is possible that you will notice how your hair began to fall out – this is due to the rapid loss of extra kilos. Inadequate intake of vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients make thinner hair, and they are easy to leave.

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9. Depletion

When the body does not get enough calories, he did not have enough forces on normal activities because of the food – its fuel. Fatigue, lack of energy occurs due to inadequate intake of nutrients in the body and is one of the most common signals indicating that your actions do not carry health benefits.

“It is curious: it turns out, January and June – a few months when people are more likely to take a desperate and insane decision to lose weight Fast. They have resorted to hunger, yo-yo diets and detox programs, without thinking about the consequences of paying for fast separation with kilograms.”

10. Vertigo during exercise

Strict diet “steal” energy, the body feels weak and is not able to cope with intensive physical activity. Dizziness may occur at sharp rising or during exercise.

11. Gallstones

It is estimated that 12-25 percent of people who lose weight rapidly for a few months, appeared to suffer from gallstones.

12. Dehydration and Headaches

The body can burn fat in an amount of 0.5-1 kg per week. If you were able to lose weight fast more, losing pounds, probably due to loss of water and muscle mass. The use of a smaller volume of fluid in an attempt to see cock cherished figures – it is the wrong tactics, which leads to dehydration. Headaches are the result of this phenomenon or low blood sugar levels caused by starvation.

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13. Sagging skin, wrinkles, stretch marks

Extreme weight loss does not allow the skin to adapt to the new form, she relaxes. These signs of aging like wrinkles, thin “slot” on the face and in the neck, becoming more noticeable in people, often practicing fast diet. Also, the yo-yo effect, a consequence of unhealthy and rapid weight loss is one of the most common causes of stretch marks.

14. Increased risk of heart attack

The weakening of immunity, dehydration, and stress – these are the factors that trigger heart ailments. Strict dieting will not harm the heart if we use them once. However, repeated weight loss on such schemes increases the risk of heart attack – because cardiologists say.

15. Stress, nervousness, irritability

Strict diets increase the levels of stress because hunger and the inability to eat favorite foods generate frustration and anxiety. The body increases cortisol hormone and ghrelin, leading to irritation. Frequent mood swings and temper tantrums are typical for heavily restricting yourself people.

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