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Monday, October 7, 2019

Earwax is a substance that is produced in our body in a natural way to protect the ears from bacteria and other elements that can harm. In addition, sulfur acts as a natural lubricant for the ear and external auditory canal .However, there comes a time when too much sulfur accumulates, which can cause some discomfort: irritation, itching, a feeling of “vacuum”, a partial loss of hearing. That’s why you need to clean your ears regularly and remove excess earwax .

What causes discomfort?

Before you find out about any home cleaning method for ears, you need to understand the causes of discomfort due to the accumulation of sulfur. After all, earwax can cause irritation, if there is, for example, a so-called “plug” or it accumulates inside the ear canal. It should be noted that often this accumulation comes from the use of cotton buds , which instead of cleaning their ears, they “clog” them, “clog them up”.

It can also be caused by any sharp object, hairpin or hair clip, which they tried to clean their ears. They, just like the cotton swabs, push the sulfur deeper into the ear and help obstruct the auditory canal. 

Finally, people who often use earplugs or headphones,  often have problems with the ears due to excessive accumulation of sulfur.

What are the symptoms?

When excessive amounts of sulfur accumulate in the ears, a person can experience the following:

  • Itching in the auditory canal
  • Feeling of “fullness” of the ear and “vacuum”
  • Dizziness
  • Tinnitus
  • Allocations from the auditory canal
  • Deterioration of hearing
  • Ear pain

Home remedies for removal of surplus sulfur from the ears

In order not to suffer from excessive accumulation of earwax, it is important to regularly clean your ears. In this case, as mentioned earlier, the use of cotton buds, tweezers and other sharp objects should be avoided. Therefore, we offer you the best home remedies that will help you remove excess sulfur from your ears.

Saline solution

Salt solution is an excellent home remedy that will help you to clean the ears of sulfur. To do this, you just need to put one teaspoon of salt (7.5 grams) in 1/2 cup water (125 ml) and mix well (until the salt dissolves completely). Then dipped the cotton swab in the resulting mixture and drip a few drops into his ear, slightly tilting his head. Hold in such a position that the liquid gets inside the ear, and then tilt the head in the opposite direction, so that the brine will pour back.

Paraffin oil

One of the safest and at the same time effective home remedies for cleaning the ears is paraffin oil, which today can be bought at any pharmacy. The only thing you need to do is heat 2-3 tablespoons on the fire (or just above the candle), drop a few drops into your ear and sit still for five minutes to make it work.

Repeat this procedure preferably two days in a row, so that all sulfuric “deposits” are dissolved. The last step is to rinse your ears with warm water to remove residual sulfur.

Hydrogen peroxide

Mix in equal proportions water and hydrogen peroxide (the latter should not be more saturated than 3%). Drip a few drops into the ear, tilting the head in such a way that the liquid gets inside. Sit for a few minutes, and then tilt your head in the opposite direction to allow the liquid to pour back.


Glycerin is a natural ingredient that helps soften the earwax for easier removal. You can buy it in pharmacies and drip 4 drops in each ear three times a day. This will be sufficient to achieve the desired results.

Vinegar and alcohol solution

Mix in equal proportions white vinegar and alcohol. Then dipped the cotton swab into the resulting solution and drip a few drops into your ears.

Olive oil

Olive oil is another excellent natural remedy for softening earwax and its subsequent removal . Simply drip yourself 2-3 drops of oil before going to bed and leave it to work all night. Repeat the procedure for 3-4 consecutive days.

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