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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Restore Body After The Holidays

The holidays are over, and you feel not so vigorously? Did it appear overweight and digestive problems after the feast? Ideally, of course, do not bring themselves to feel unwell due to the large amounts of alcohol, lack of sleep and food. But if the New Year is celebrated vigorously and now you feel broken, do not rush to grab for pills or go on a diet, I’ll tell you about the natural ways to get back in shape.

Go to bed around 22.00. Sleep from 21.00 to 3.00 – this is an important time for the recovery of all body systems. Regular wakefulness during this period leads to both the physical and the emotional exhaustion, increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Feminine beauty greatly depends on sleeptime. If you want to have a fresh complexion and good health, get down early.

It is often difficult to fall asleep, I’ll give you some suggestions:

  • Avoid strenuous activities the evening.
  • Turn off the TV and the computer for a few hours before bedtime.
  • Make dinner easy and earlier.
  • Think of a ritual for half an hour before going to sleep, the mind gets used to relax.
  • Perform relaxation practice.
  • Get up to 6.00-7.00. This is the time of sunrise, nature awakens; rising at dawn, you will be able to get into the natural biorhythms and feel energetic. If you have time in the evening I went to sleep, get up early will not be difficult, as energy and performance will be much higher.

This mode eliminates the days of meteorological dependence and chronic fatigue syndrome makes good use of your time and get away from the hustle and laziness.

A good option cleansing drinks – green smoothies, freshly squeezed vegetable juices, herbal teas. You can replace breakfast or dinner in this drink.

Give up the habit to wash down the food, it hinders the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Drink one hour before meals and one to two hours after. This will allow to maintain water balance and thus will not disturb the digestion process.

Falling in love with your body and pick up the useful diet for him. For example:

  • Breakfast – 8.00-9.00 – freshly squeezed vegetable juice or fruit.
  • Lunch – 12.00-14.00 – a salad of fresh vegetables and whole grain cereal.
  • Dinner – 18.00-19.00 – steamed vegetables.

Such a diet will quickly cleanse the body, it does not have to starve yourself and restrict nutrients.

If you feel very tired, go for a massage, to yoga, spa, help your body bounce back. Relaxation – is a good way to clean the body and emotions. Give yourself time to just relax.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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