Benefits of Running on Treadmill

If you are looking for an excellent source of cardio workout, it is the best. There are many people who use it for about only 20 minutes and dream of having accident result within just a few days but this is not how it actually works. If you use it in a proper manner you will notice the extreme effect. An active person can lose a noticeable amount of weight off his body if he practices exercising on it for only 150 minutes a week.

Apart from the convenience, there are some other benefits as well:

Easy to use: It is one of the easiest equipment to go for if you are a beginner. If you are someone who is having a problem walking uphill or on uneven land, the surface of this equipment is very predictable and is flat as well. One of the most common reasons for people loving it is that it is very easy to use.

Progress tracking: With the use of it you can also track your progress. These days most of them come with digital monitors that let the user see important statistics like distance covered and calories burned. In the market, you will also get some varieties that let the user create multiple user accounts so that you can save your statistics and compare your improvements.

Weight loss: One of the very common reasons for purchasing treadmills for weight loss. If you run for only 20 minutes at 6mph you will be able to burn 229 calories. And if you want to increase your result you can increase result you can increase the speed from 6mph to 8mph.

Better cardiovascular health:  When you work out on using it you improve your hearts health. Every time you step on this machine you help your heart to strengthen itself. You can run on it whenever you wish to like why you are watching TV.  You can also read your favorite book while you are working out.

Convenient: Using this machine is a very convenient method to ensure that you are doing the exercise that you need for maintaining proper health. With this equipment, you can practice your daily exercise at your home itself.

So these were some of the benefits of using this equipment on a daily basis. Now let us know how it helps in burning fat.

If you want maximum result within a short period of time you will have to try out the high-intensity interval training. It is a kind of training in which short intervals of high-intensity exercises is alternator with the less intense recovery period. According to studies, it is quite similar too long distance runs. It helps in improving aerobic and anaerobic endurance and increases the oxygen uptake in your body. When you practice high-intensity workout you provide your muscle strength.

While working out on this machine, taking longer intervals of 4 minute is better than short intervals of 15 to 60 seconds. If you are an advanced runner you can go for intense running and if you are a beginner try taking things slow. It is easy to operate and you can also manually adjust the speed in between the intervals. There are various scientific researchers that show that I intensity workout helps in achieving better results.

So this was how you can practice high-intensity interval training on it and get the maximum result within a short period of time. Working out on a it is very easy and you do not need any other equipment as well.