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Monday, October 7, 2019

Secrets To Improve Vision

There are ways to improve eyesight in a natural way without resorting to surgery! We have prepared the best advice and exercises for you to train your eyes and avoid their damage.

Learn about them in this article and you can improve your eyesight without surgery.

Improved vision is possible

Although most ophthalmologists deny that exercise can improve eyesight, some of them still advise to do it daily, especially for children and adults in the early stages of myopia development or farsightedness.

After all, it is clear that offering to wear glasses to a person whose vision differs from the norm in less than one diopter is more a curse than a solution.

Of course, it is more expedient immediately to start taking measures while your vision is still in very good condition.

The more we get used to glasses or contact lenses, the harder it will be. But nothing is impossible.

Secrets of good vision

1. It’s important to take care of your eyes

The first step to improving vision is undoubtedly to realize that our eyes need care.

And, although we have the opportunity to look and see, we do not really realize how we use our eyes.

Eyes accumulate emotions and stress of our daily life, which then cause problems with vision. However, the good news is that what was previously considered incurable is now quite treatable.

Gradually, we should pay more attention to what we do with our eyes, when we push them, why we do not look in certain directions, why we look down, etc.

2. Resting from lenses and glasses

Many people wear glasses or contact lenses daily.

It would seem that this is a wonderful thing to restore the lost visual acuity, but it also creates dependence, our eyes get used to not putting any effort.

It is for this reason that, as a rule, we lose sight, and do not restore it.

We suggest that you stop using glasses and contact lenses for a few hours a day, whenever possible, to train your eyes to work again.

Then you can gradually increase this time.

3. Look at objects near and far away

We lose the ability to equally well see near and far, especially this is hard for those of us who live in big cities. High buildings close the review, do not allow to look into the distance.

Whenever we have such an opportunity, it is worthwhile to train these visual functions. It is useful to go to the mountains or walk around in the open space, in places where our eyes do not come across anything.

Every day, do this simple exercise: alternately look at objects in the distance and close. This exercise is very useful for vision.

4. Fight with eye strain

In many cases, we overlook the danger of excessive eye strain.

This can happen because of long hours at the computer or in front of the TV, and even just because we, ourselves, without realizing it, look at something for a long time.

In addition, this stress can also cause frequent headaches.

In order to relax your eyes, apply this technique:

  • Rub your hands until they warm up.
  • Lean your elbows on the table and close your eyes with your hands, but do not press too hard.
  • Hold for a few minutes in this position, while trying to relax the muscles of the eyes and face.
  • After completing this exercise, you will feel great relief, and notice that the visual acuity has increased.

5. To look in different directions

You must learn not only to look far and close, but also to use all the opportunities that your eyes give you, because, otherwise, they can atrophy.

That is, instead of turning your head whenever you want to look somewhere, try to look first: up, down, on both sides, and even diagonally, towards the nose.

So, you keep the eye muscles in shape.

6. Power

Proper and balanced nutrition is an important part of any treatment, since it provides us with the nutrients necessary to perform the functions of our body.

Therefore, in the diet must be present:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Useful fats
  • Good quality protein
  • Whole-grain products
  • Nuts and seeds
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