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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Sedentary Work

In today’s world, there are more jobs and professions that do not require any physical exertion. We sit on the office computer; our eyes are overstrained and tired, our body gradually atrophy and internal organs begin to malfunction. Sedentary work is harmful, it known to many, but you have no idea how!

More recently, Australian scientists have identified a direct link between a permanent seat in the office. And blurred vision, disturbance of cerebral circulation, the appearance of excess weight and the development of inflammation, metabolic disorders, problems with the spine, musculoskeletal system, joints, internal organs. This is far from complete the list of challenges.

Fearfully? Not that wor

d! But with all these manifestations of struggle can and should be! There are many preventive measures and tips on how to improve already “shattered” by the health of sedentary work. It is about them and we’ll talk more.

The working process should be as comfortable as possible, and to do this in the first place it is important to position the body for eight hours. That is, your workplace should work for you, not you to him. Be sure to use high-quality and comfortable chair with adjustable, because each of us has a different body type and height. How correctly to sit behind a desk?

Legs thighs parallel to the floor and knees bent at 90 degrees. Feet can stand on the floor, but if a tall chair for you, substitute for them a special stand. Forget throwing his feet – is a recipe for varicose veins.

Spina‘s all just pay attention to the back of the chair: it should have anatomical bend and a slight bulge in the waist area (you can use a small pillow for this). Adjust the back at an obtuse angle of about 100 degrees.

Hands Sit on a chair and bend your elbows at 90 degrees: the table should be at the same level with them. Sometimes it is convenient to use a slide-out shelf for the keyboard, if you do a lot of typing. Working with a computer mouse, try to move your entire hand to avoid pinching a nerve in the wrist.

Head Monitor is located directly in front of him, that his head was not turned to the right or to the left, and not tilted forward or folded back. Naturally, the screen should be kept away from your eyes. If something bad is seen, it is better to adjust the font size and larger icons on. Use goggles with anti-glare.

Of course, to avoid many problems with the musculoskeletal system and help exercise. After sitting for a whole working day is not necessary to be laid on the couch watching TV, it is better to walk even around the house to stretch your bones and muscles. Ideally, of course, a lack of motion is necessary to compensate for training: swimming, jogging, aerobics or a workout in the gym.

But also in the office, we can stretch their legs a bit, and the more often it is done, the better the effect. So, here is a simple complex of several exercises that you can do during breaks at work.

Warm-up for the hands, neck, and head

Twist the brushes in different directions, at least five times to the left and to the right. Do the same at the elbow. Finally, rotate the shoulders backward and forwards. Tilt your head back and forth five times, left and right – by the same amount. He shook his head to one side or the other. Movements should be smooth.

Warm up to the thoracic spine and

sitting on a chair, turn to one or the other way until it stops, hold the pelvis in place. Rotted back and then forward with a round back. Stretch your hands high up, connect them to the castle, do slow, gradual slope body from side to side, too, without taking the basin from the chair.

Workout for legs

here will have to leave the workplace and go, and even better – to get up and down a couple of times on the stairs. If no one is around, it is worth a couple of times to make tilts forward and back, stretching the leg muscles, sit down and stretch. By the way, you must get up as often as possible in order to restore blood circulation in the pelvis and legs.

There are a few secrets of how to maintain their health in the workplace with a constant seat in the office.

8-hour day includes only one break for lunch. And therefore it is necessary to treat with the utmost seriousness. Ideally, if the office has a kitchen, and the food can taken out of the house and warm up. But even if this is not possible, do not lean on fast food, sandwiches, sweets and cold food to quench hunger. Replace it with a light healthy snack of dried fruits and nuts, and dinner try to eat high-grade.

This should be your main commandment, because water helps prevent dehydration. And improve the condition of our skin, which therefore suffers from too dry air in the office. Tea and coffee not considered, only a simple non-carbonated water. Tea and coffee should perceive more as a snack rather than a replenishing body fluids.

Well, it seems there is nothing difficult to protect yourself from the many problems that we talked about earlier in this article. Sedentary work – is not a sentence, if you try to make up for the lack of movement and you will be more likely to help your body to warm up and relax.

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