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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Sleep and Weight Loss. Excess fat in the body damages the hormonal balance, which in turn impairs the ability of the body to get rid of excess weight. It becomes a kind of vicious circle. To break it is important a strong and healthy sleep for weight loss.

For example, hormones such as melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine affect motivation, mood, sleep and appetite. Also, the right balance of natural growth hormone is of great importance because it is responsible not only for growth but also for the recovery of the body. Deficiency of it contributes to the accumulation of fat! But “the hormone of stress” (cortisol), on the contrary, with its excess leads to the destruction of proteins and the accumulation of fat.

Sleep plays a crucial role in the regulation of these hormones. There is, so to speak, overhaul the body, in which, among other things, produced many of the necessary hormones during sleep and reduced unnecessarily.

01. Eating before bedtime – Sleep and Weight loss

Night snacks and dinner before going to bed, especially dense, stop the necessary process of cooling the body during sleep and raise insulin levels. As a result, it produces less melatonin and growth hormone, and the rest period is essential for their release into the blood. Sleep is not conducive to weight loss at the same time.

Sleep and weight loss

Solution:  stop eating 3 hours before bedtime, and if necessary, to allow the reception only easy and quick uva ae Moy food in small quantities, because hunger can also spoil the quality of sleep.

02. Sleep with the light, or too close to the digital clock

Even a small amount of light interferes with melatonin formulation, and then the quantity of growth hormone. Cortisol is abnormally high when exposed to light.

You must also stay away from electromagnetic fields (EMF), which originate from electrical devices, and digital alarm clock in the bedroom. This can disrupt the pineal gland and the production of melatonin and serotonin. There are also studies that associate EMFs with an increased risk of cancer (find out more detail what the electronic smog). Also, at least a substantial electromagnetic interference has a mobile phone or Wi-Fi router, located nearby.

Sleep and weight loss

Solution:  Sleep in complete darkness and keep electrical equipment at a distance of at least 3 meters away from you, if it should be included. Set glowing clock display so that it does not fall directly towards the eyes.

03. A lot of you drink fluids before bedtime

Drinking fluids before bedtime can increase the need for night trips to the bathroom. Waking up to go to the bathroom interrupts natural sleep. Turning the light at the same time also increases the risk of suppression of melatonin production. This prevents sleep and weight loss.

Sleep and weight loss

Solution:  Stop drinking two hours before bedtime and use a night light with a red light in the bathroom, if the evening light is needed.

04. Physical activity late at night – Sleep and weight loss

Regular exercise can certainly help harder to sleep, but if you do enough of them in the early afternoon. At night training or hard physical work, especially urging the cardiovascular system is significantly increased body temperature, preventing the production of melatonin. It can also interfere with the ability to fall asleep because usually leads to an increase in norepinephrine, dopamine and cortisol, which stimulates brain activity.

Sleep and weight loss

Solution:  Avoid physical activity (training and work) that stress the cardiovascular system, at least 3 hours before bedtime.

05. Too much TV or computer before bed

Many of us like to watch your favorite TV show, sit in social networks, or just “climb” on the Internet in the evening, but too much time in front of any screen before bedtime can interfere with the good night’s rest. All these measures increase the stimulating hormones norepinephrine and dopamine, which interfere with the ability to fall asleep.

Sleep and weight loss

Solution:  Find the time and “cut down” the computer, concentrate the mind on calming activities such as meditation, reading books, magazines or scrolling. These habits make serotonin dominant and improve sleep.

06. Maintaining an elevated temperature in the bedroom

Many people want to feel comfortable before going to bed, but too warm environment during sleep can prevent the natural cooling, which should take place in the body at this time.

Sleep and weight loss

Without this process, the cooling production of melatonin and growth hormone are violated, and thus lost the fat burning during sleep, as well as the “night repair” of bones, skin and muscles.

Solution:  Sleep in a cool place, not above 21 ° C.

07. Sleep in tight clothes – Sleep and Weight loss

In addition to comfortable feel, favorite pajamas can help sleep better, but if it does not too fit. Wearing tight fitting clothes before going to bed (even bra) increases the body temperature and has been shown to reduce the secretion of melatonin and growth hormone.

Sleep and weight loss

Solution:  To sleep in the nude and to avoid large, heavy blankets. If you wear something while sleeping, you should make sure that it is easy and free.

08. Closing the curtains in the house in the morning and do not go out

It should be remembered that the amount of melatonin in the morning should decrease. If we remain in the dark, the body receives a signal that it’s time to get up and go. Increased melatonin during the day leaves a feeling of fatigue and does not wake up properly. It may also reduce the levels of serotonin, which leads to depression, anxiety, and increased appetite.

Sleep and weight loss

Solution:  To let the light in the house immediately after waking up.

09. Lack of sleep

The American Cancer Society has found an increased incidence of cancer in people who consistently slept less than 6 or more than 9 hours each night. Also, recent research has shown that people who regularly sleep 7.5 hours per day live longer.

Most experts agree that sleep seven to eight hours a day – optimal. However, some people may need more or less sleep than others. If a person wakes up without an alarm clock in the morning and feels fresh, when it comes, it is likely that he gets the right amount of sleep.

Sleep and weight loss

With insufficient sleep is a surge of cortisol hormones and starvation, causing a corresponding increase in insulin. Also, lack of sleep can lead to the decrease in body lepton, melatonin, growth hormone, testosterone and serotonin, all of which result in a lack of weight gain.

Solution:  Strive to sleep from 7.5 to 9 hours each night.

10. Going to bed too late

More than half of respondents in the survey indicated that they are larks and more energetic in the morning and afternoon, while 41 percent see themselves as owls. Owls often than larks experience symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnea, they are sleeping less than they want and need as they take longer to fall asleep.

Sleep until noon causes hormonal imbalance because it increases the level of cortisol decreases lepton and growth hormone is depleted. This dream can also create the desire to eat more and in the long run the metabolism. Natural cortisol growth occurs in the second half of sleep: a small increase is observed at 2 am, the next morning at 4 o’clock, and peak at about 6 am, then during the day he decreases. If during these hours only to go to bed, then lost the quietest period of sleep and cortisol levels become too high.

Sleep and weight loss

Solution:  Go to bed between 10 and 11 pm

Poor sleep and weight loss – things opposite. Because the hormones that normalize their number during sleep, play a major role. So you should try to get rid of at least from most of these bad habits and mistakes. Although how it can be difficult.

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