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Monday, October 7, 2019

Sleeping In Socks

The entire population of the Earth can be divided into those who sleep barefoot and those who  go to bed with their socks.

There are those who, at any time of the year, like to have their feet “protected”, and even in the summer they can not fully rest if something disturbs them.

So… Is it better to  sleep in or without socks? You will learn about this from our article.

How do you sleep?

Everyone sleeps in his own way. Some choose cozy pajamas, others prefer to take more blankets.

Still others unscrew the batteries to maximum, so that the bedroom is warm and there was no need to reel. In the summer they prefer a fan or air conditioner to sleep even without a thin sheet on top.

The same is with the decision to sleep in or without socks. In general, it’s a matter of taste.

We do not intend to force you to change your habits or tell you that you are doing everything right or wrong, but just want to clarify this question a little: is it useful to sleep in socks, or not.

Experts say that the “cons” of this habit can be attributed to the fact that the feet sweat too much during the night.

Although socks help keep your feet warm, they can cause  some not very favorable effects, including:

  • Infections (fungus, mycosis, peeling)
  • Poor blood circulation (especially if the socks are too tight at the ankles)
  • Legs do not rest and are not ventilated
  • There is an unpleasant smell, due to the fact that they are closed all night

The good news is that to prevent all these problems, you just have  to put on clean socks before bed. That is, never go to bed with the same socks in which you walked during the day.

Not only because they are already dirty, but also because they have accumulated sweat, bacteria and they can even smudge the sheets. In addition, it is necessary to use the type of socks that do not compress the ankles and do not worsen blood circulation.

Try to choose cotton or, even better, special socks, which are used, for example, in airplanes or for long trips.

So, if you want to sleep like a baby,  not waking up in the middle of the night, it’s better to sleep in your socks. Did you know that those who wear socks for the night feel more comfortable than if they were covered with several blankets?

Socks will prevent sudden changes in body temperature, and this will not overshadow your sleep. This will allow us not to get up on the toilet at dawn and not bother the one who sleeps next door!

Such forgotten socks

No one can deny that this is the most inconspicuous part of our entire wardrobe.

They hide in shoes or under trousers, we do not even want to be noticed, we are ashamed to show them during intimate moments with our partner or on consultation with a doctor.

The absence of a “correct”, maximally neutral pair of socks can lead us to despair in the morning! However, there are more and more fashion companies that pay attention to socks and offer different colors, materials and types of this modest but important garment.

A study by the Spanish Neurological Society indicates that one way to get enough sleep is to really sleep in your socks.

Apparently, this simple habit allows us to enjoy hours of restful sleep and prevents the appearance of chronic insomnia. You can even say that socks are a magic tool that can help us forget about everyday problems!

There are other reasons why we have sleep disorders: physiological changes caused by age, travel, the impact of extreme temperatures, a change in the situation or an unbalanced diet.

Yes, we can remember a lot of “grandmother’s means” in order to sleep better (from hot tea to the bath before going to bed, you can still easily eat or count sheep), but it is proved that putting on socks we get a solution to all our troubles.

Of course, for this we must also adhere to other “good sleep rules”, for example, avoid physical activity at night, do not drink coffee or cola during dinner, or watch TV in bed.

It all depends on the temperature in the room

Ardent opponents of sleeping in socks can change their minds if they learn about recent research on this topic.

No one will argue that a good rest serves to strengthen our memory, helps to recharge batteries and even contributes to the regeneration of the skin.

Nevertheless, in order for all these processes to work, it is necessary that the temperature of our body does not change overnight.

At dawn, the air temperature is always lower than during the day, and the same happens with our body. Therefore, it is likely that you fall asleep under one blanket, but in the middle of the night you want to wrap yourself in something else.

The clothes that we choose to sleep are important. Sleeping in socks that warm our feet are very useful, and sometimes just necessary.

Just as it happens during the day, if you have constantly cold feet, then the whole body freezes, so at night, socks are just necessary to feel comfortable.

If the feet are warm, the veins expand, and heat spreads throughout the body. The brain “understands” that everything is good and ready for rest.

If, on the contrary, the legs are cold, then, consequently, the body and the brain must work more to regulate the temperature. This prevents us from relaxing and falling asleep becomes much more difficult.

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