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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Spa Treatments – An effective way to lose weight. On billboards, on television, and on the friends we hear this word very often. And we often apply to themselves procedures to lose weight fast. And rejuvenation of the body, to the title that can safely add those three letters. However, not everyone knows what the word “spa” in translation, what procedures the name implies, the use of any tools and materials allow. Let us try to look into some of them and find out what is the spa treatments for the body of the soul.

What is SPA?

There are many “translations” abbreviated “the SPA.” Here are some of them: “water resort” “resort one day,” “fast rest through relaxation,” “health through water.” The phrase is as follows: Sanus per Aqua

SPA treatments for the body – it combined elements of improving practice and aesthetic care. They are based on the curative effect of treatments with water or other natural materials, such as mud, algae, stones, medicinal plants and many other natural ingredients.

Typically, treatments with SPA procedures are used to activate the metabolic processes of the body. For the withdrawal of toxins, lymphatic drainage, to slow down the aging process, to moisturize the skin and hair. Slimming and Cellulite treatment, to improve the well-being as well as for the treatment of certain cardiovascular diseases nervous system, musculoskeletal system, improve immunity.

During the sometimes used biologically active substances and powerful stimulating and warming ingredients, so many procedures aren’t recommended for pregnant women.

Many salons and beauty studio, as well as aesthetic medicine clinics, offer a variety of SPA body treatments. However, some of them can be used successfully for weight loss at home.

Spa Treatments - 01

Spa wraps – Spa Treatments

Spa treatments at home are somewhat different from those that are carried out in specialized institutions. Wraps are among those that have almost the same level of performance as in the cabin.

The most effective recognized these types of covers:

  1. The oily. The basis is the base of olive and almond oil. If you use wraps for weight loss, add to the mixture of 3 drops of grapefruit oil, fennel, and lemon. Instead, you can use oil of cardamom, ginger, cypress, geranium. For relaxation effect, use oils of lavender, jasmine, rose, bergamot.
  2. Chocolate wrap. For the meeting to mix 200 grams of cocoa with 0.5 liters of hot water. The mixture should be homogeneous.
  3. Wrapping of coffee grounds or coffee is suitable for those who want to get rid of cellulite. For the meeting to mix four tablespoons of ground coffee with cream or milk until the consistency of sour cream. With the same purpose can be carried out from algae wraps.

The mixture for wrapping should be applied to cleansed body, from the top you need wrapped with cling film and rest, covered with a blanket, on average within 30 minutes. The film was then removed, and the body is purified cold shower, after which the body is necessary to apply a nourishing cream.

The procedure can be combined with a trip to the sauna.

Cedar Barrel – Spa Treatments

Another popular spa remedy for losing weight and keeping the body fit and have a young cedar barrel – a mini-sauna, when you visit a body is saturated with extracts from herbs, pine volatile production so that there is to get rid of excess fluid, toxins, increased blood flow. Cedar barrel, as opposed to the traditional sauna, does not cause a significant load on the heart. This is because the customer’s head remains outside, while the entire body is exposed to thermal processes required.

Cedar barrel is very compact, allowing you to install it even in small spaces. With such a device at home as a cedar barrel, you will see one of the most effective spa treatments to lose weight fast. At its regular use, you will feel and see how the body returned to normal metabolic processes that cellulite deposits decreased markedly, with the extra inches.

Cedar barrel increases resistance to stress the body; you feel peace even after the first session.

Cedar barrel has the main contraindications:

  • Bleeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis and other

The term “spa” consists of almost all the bathing culture of peace.

Thalassotherapy – Spa Treatments

Thalassotherapy – a complex of treatments for the body, which use sea gifts: warmed to a temperature of 33 degrees sea water, salt, algae, sea mud, sea climate.

Such substances have a stimulating effect on the nervous system, improve the metabolism of skin cells and in the body as a whole. All these results provide an excellent cosmetic result.

Thalassotherapy for the body in the home can be represented by salt baths, treatment of spirulina and other algae.

To take salt baths for certain rules should guide weight loss:

  1. The bath should be filled to 15 centimeters from the edges to the seat at the area around the heart is not covered with water.
  2. One bath is necessary to use at least 400 grams of sea salt.
  3. The water temperature should not exceed 34-36 degrees.
  4. The bath should be taken no longer than 20 minutes.

To improve the effect of salt can be pre-stir with a few drops of natural essential oil, which has the desired effect of psycho-emotional.

One of the homes can be a Thalassotherapy and the use of cosmetics based on marine algae, which increases skin torpor, tone fabric. Natural cosmetics based on these ingredients promotes the breakdown of cellulite deposits.

Thalassotherapy in the form of salt baths and seaweed wraps are not desirable for pregnant women and people with allergies.

Contraindications – Spa Treatments

Spa house also includes stone therapy, exfoliation, massage, Japanese manicure, SPA procedures for the face, aromatherapy, ayurvedic knowledge, and many others. Their main feature – the use of only natural ingredients of natural origin.

Spa Treatments - 02

Some procedures involve very technical, so not all of them can be done at home without prior serious preparation.

Some SPA procedures also have many contraindications. For example:

  1. Some safe techniques developed for pregnant women. However, not all can be used without fear of the consequences. Spa treatments have a very beneficial effect on the condition of the body of pregnant women. For pregnant recommend to carry out procedures without the use of high temperatures, and water pressure, no essential oils, stimulating the nervous system. Valid for expectant mothers consider holding spa foot massage, pedicure, lifting, relaxation, prenatal massage spa
  2. Inflammation in the body
  3. Gynecological diseases
  4. Hypertension, cardiovascular system
  5. kidney disease
  6. Acute laryngitis
  7. skin diseases
  8. Disorders of the circulatory system
  9. cancer education
  10. Tuberculosis
  11. Diabetes
  12. Thyroid disease

That is why before any spa treatment therapy at home is a must to consult a doctor. That’s particularly the case for pregnant women.

Spa pampering liked both women and men. Designed as a set of procedures for children.

Taking care of your health is worth to bet on natural caregivers funds. Nature gives us everything to look beautiful and be healthy. And we have learned to accept such gifts using SPA system.

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