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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Spring Allergy Symptoms

Spring Allergy Symptoms – Outside the window, all blooms and smells, and you can not leave the house without packing paper in the nose? Drops in the nose that can stop the “flood,” and tablets from an allergy – it’s your daily arsenal for salvation? Congratulations! You common spring allergy, which affects about 70% of people.

Not everyone notices the symptoms and manifestations of allergy at all – different intensity of its occurrence. And many also include sneezing, runny nose and colds. Is it possible to deal with spring allergies? How quickly remove these unpleasant symptoms and effects?

First, you need to determine exactly whether it is an allergy? If its manifestations haunt you every year with the onset of spring, most likely, this is it. The fact that it is not cold, indicating the duration of unpleasant symptoms – more than seven days.

Here are the most common symptoms:

  • A runny nose;
  • Sneeze;
  • Red and watery eyes;
  • A sore throat;
  • A dry cough;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Rashes and itching on the body.

If there are at least a few of these Spring Allergy Symptoms, it is precisely the allergy. In the room with the condition usually improves, but the street is exacerbated. The same with the weather: rain and windy day you worse, but it becomes easier when the heat and the sun. Yes, it is an allergy. But this is what exactly?

The so-called “spring” allergy has a very specific scientific name – hay fever. Hay fever occurs in the spring, as it is a period of very rapid flowering and pollen, flying in the air, it is a potent allergen. In April, flowering willow and alder, in May – oak, ash, birch, and in June – conifers. If you have to “guess” what you have allergies, try to avoid walking in areas where these grow trees and grass. And if not, you should go to the allergist, who will be able to pinpoint the allergen.

Today, it is widely advertised various drugs against allergies. Usually, all of these drugs (called antihistamines) can be purchased over the counter without a prescription. Loratadine and desloratadine consider the most shared and efficient means. Take a closer look, what kind of active ingredient in a particular preparation: very common to find counterparts at a lower price.

Some antihistamines for allergies can cause drowsiness, so do not abuse it – one tablet for 24 hours would be sufficient.

Among allergy medications can be distinguished not only those that relieve symptoms themselves, but also those that act locally. With particularly strong manifestations they are simply irreplaceable. This nasal drops, which narrows the blood vessels and reduce swelling, throat sprays, throat to moisturize, eye drops, reduces redness and tearing. It is desirable, of course, consult your doctor to know exactly what kind of medication will suit you, and would not it be him severe side effects.

Folk remedies

Many useful herbal medicines and resources can cope with not too high and intrusive symptoms of spring allergies.

  • If hay fever you do not really “get,” you can use butterbur tincture: 10 drops diluted in a tablespoon of warm water and taken in the morning before leaving the house.
  • Black tea, green apples, bulb onions have a lot of quercetin – the substance has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the intensity of the reaction to the allergen.
  • If you are allergic “got” to the skin, you can make a poultice of the leaves and roots of the nettle – it will remove the swelling, itching, and redness.
  • If it is not desirable to use too narrows vessels nasal drops, prepare a weak solution of sea salt, and washed them nasal passages.

Preventive measures

With an adamant allergy, of course, better not leave their region for at least two to three weeks (rapid flowering period). There is an opportunity to go on vacation? Then feel free to go to the sea. Salt air will not only reduce the risk of allergic reaction but also contribute to raising immunity.

But from country trips to nature at this time is better to refuse at all. In the apartment, you will feel better than the street and should prevent the penetration of allergens inside.

Worst of all allergy sufferers feel in the morning – for night accumulates a large amount of pollen in the air and on objects. Since the beginning of the movement of people and transport, pollen becomes such an intense concentration. Try not to leave the house early in the morning, usually in the second half of the day is already becoming easier.

The machine should move with the windows closed. And on the street protects the eyeglasses – sun or transparent. Returning home, be sure to change clothes, and ideally, you also need to take a shower, wash your hair, wash and rinse the mouth and nose with saline or boiled water.

It seems that all these measures are quite time-consuming to implement. But if you are suffering from unpleasant symptoms, it is worth it. Even minor at first glance, little things, can significantly reduce all symptoms, to protect themselves from the allergens and save from allergies!

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