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Monday, October 7, 2019

Stress can happen to anyone at anytime. As someone facing challenges day in and out, may it be professionally or domestically, releasing stress should practically be done to give life some ease. You do not need to suffer and drown yourself to stress and sadness if there are effective ways to stop them. There are scientifically proven ways to stop stress and boost happiness, and below are some of them:

Take a 10 minute walk

Give yourself sometime to breathe fresh air and appreciate the environment. This activity can somehow divert your attention to something nice and naturally relaxing. 10 minutes may not be too much, but can definitely give you an instant feeling of happiness and can forget the stress for a while.

It is best if you do it every day or if you have enough time to spare and energy to give, then make it a little longer. Spending time outdoors alone can reduce stress. Walking also boosts stress busting endorphins that can alleviate mild depression and reduce stress hormones. Endorphins can also improve self esteem and improve your mood.

If you want to maximize the result of this activity, best to invite friends over.

Put your happy music on

This is one of the obvious ways to release stress and can be something that you are doing already if you want to feel relaxed, listening to your favorite music can make you feel happy and calm. Whether you are on the road, in the office or having a coffee on your patio, turn your headset on and play your favorite music, by simply doing it, you can feel the tranquillity and pleasure even for just a while.

Tip: Choosing slower tempo songs can calm your mind and loosen up your muscles, letting you feel soothed while you are releasing your stress that day.


This is a simple technique, which if someone practices for as little as 10 minutes a day, can give them a lot of benefits including the ability to control stress. Other than controlling stress meditation can as well improve your cardiovascular health, decrease anxiety and help you achieve the highest quality of relaxation.

A sample of meditation you can practice is the relaxation response technique. This technique consists of silent repetition of sound, phrase or a word, that has a special meaning to you or your life, while sitting silently with your eyes closed and a good posture for around 10 to 20 minutes. Do this in a quiet area free from any distractions.

Training your body to meditate on a daily basis can enhance your mood, boost your metabolism, improved digestion and an evident reduction of stress.


Exercise increases your sense of well being and overall health, other than that; it also has other stress busting benefits. Physical activities help bump up the construction of the brain’s feel good neurotransmitters, known as endorphins.

Exercising can put you on your best mood and a good feeling about yourself. It is automatic, if you feel healthy and beautiful you are happier.

Eat your way to lower stress level

Instead of burying yourself to too much stress, then might as well take a break and eat some good food. Good food can give you automatic happiness, although not highly recommended, especially if you are doing it too often. Some tend to consume foods that are not too healthy and use it as their escape whenever they feel stressed out.

There is nothing wrong if you run to your refrigerator when you feel sad and completely stressed out, but do not do it too often, there are other ways available to choose from to stop stress and boost happiness.

Tip: If you see yourself “stress eating” try to divert your attention to other ways listed in this article, if this is something you cannot control, speak to an expert immediately.

Have a good hearty laugh

Invite your friends over your house or hang out with them, share stories far from things, making you stressed out, forget your problems and laugh with them. If they are all busy or you literally do not want to talk to anyone, watching a comedy film is good enough.

Genuine laugh can move you to a different world, making you forget your current state of mind.

A genuine laugh can relieve you from stress and physical tension, making your muscle stress-free for up to 45 minutes. It does not only decrease stress hormones, but it can boost immune cells making your resistance to diseases improve.

Take a nap

Not only that a good nap can increase your productivity, enhance your creativity and improve your heart health, it can also reduce your stress. Studies have proven that napping can minimize the amount of stress hormones in the body. Having a good nap everyday can decrease your stress levels, improve your emotional stability and focus.

If you are well rested, it can definitely put you in a good mood.

Tip: The key to getting up fully refreshed from a nap, is timing. You only need 20 minutes to achieve all the benefits of napping, like better mood, improve alertness and enhance performance.  Another tip, is setting up an alarm and deactivate the snooze button.

Now that you know scientifically proven ways to stop stress and boost happiness, it is time to go up and save yourself from other negative impacts stress and sadness can bring your life and health.

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