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Monday, October 7, 2019

Men who have varicocele tend to have low testosterone levels. Both varicocele and low testosterone are problems that you can ignore, especially since they usually cause minimal symptoms. Varicocele and low testosterone can get severe symptoms, though, and when this happens, you are going to need to do something about it. Fortunately, there are surgeries for treating varicocele. Some surgeries are deadly, require you to take a lot of anesthesia, and could lead to complications. Other surgeries are easier to deal with, don’t require too much medicine, and safe. Discuss with your doctor which kind of surgery will be best for you. Have your varicocele treated and feel like a normal man again.

Varicocele and Testosterone

Varicocele and testosterone levels are said to be connected. Varicocele is enlarged veins in the scrotum. When valves inside veins don’t work, blood collects in the veins. In the scrotum, these abnormal veins are called varicocele. Testosterone is a hormone that is the source of all things male. Testosterone causes male characteristics. Testosterone is produced in your testicles. Testosterone plays a key role during puberty, causing growth spurt and the growth of pubic hair. All men have testosterone, but not all men have a varicocele. Men who have varicocele get low testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone

Because testosterone is the primary source of male characteristics, almost all male characteristics disappear when there’s a low level of testosterone. It’s like a man becomes not a man, and just an extremely unhealthy and weak human being. Symptoms of low testosterone are usually not bothersome, but some of them can get severe. The primary symptoms of low testosterone are decreased sex drive, fewer muscles, depression, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, weakness, increased weight, crankiness, insomnia, indecisiveness, hair loss, thinning bones, sexual dysfunction, and more destruction of characteristics associated with men.


If you are having any of these symptoms or if you have weird lumps in your scrotum, it will be wise to talk to a doctor first before concluding that you have a varicocele. Other diseases and problems can cause these symptoms. If you are certain that varicocele is your problem, you can talk to your doctor about the kind of treatments that you can be eligible for. Surgery is one treatment for varicocele, but there are other treatments. Talk with your doctor about how you will go about the treatment and what recommended treatments can be done post-surgery.


There are three types of surgeries for treating varicocele: open surgery, microsurgery, and laparoscopic surgery. In open surgery, a doctor will slice somewhere in your groin and tie the veins that have been bulging to stop blood from flowing into them and to lead the blood to normal veins. In microsurgery, the surgery is done using a microscope, and it is an extremely complex one. In laparoscopic surgery, small slices will be made in your body, and certain medical instruments will be used to help the doctors see inside your body during the operation. Laparoscopic surgery gets the worst complications, both open surgery and laparoscopic surgery do not guarantee that varicocele will recur, and microsurgery is the best option among the three kinds of surgeries.

Another Surgery

The best way to treat varicocele is through varicocele embolization. In this procedure, only a small slice will be made in your groin, and the doctors will use X-ray to see inside your body. A small catheter containing a solution and metal coils will be guided into the varicocele. The metal coils will be released into the varicocele to block them, leading your blood to normal veins. Unlike all of the three surgeries above, varicocele embolization will require you to take minimal anesthesia. Like every other proper varicocele treatment, varicocele embolization causes a rise in testosterone level.

Varicocele causes low testosterone levels, making men lose almost all their male characteristics. Men with low testosterone levels get hair loss, become too thin, and become weak. If you are one of these men, or if your varicocele is causing worse problems for you, ask your doctor which treatment you must take. The safest treatment is varicocele embolization. It is similar to open surgery, but friendlier in a way that it involves smaller slices to your skin.

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