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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Vegetarian Food to Lose Weight Fast Without Harm – it’s not just a way of life. Increasingly, people refuse from meat because not only care about their health but the moral convictions. And yet the majority of vegetarians refuse animal food in the hope of preserving health, prolong youth and get rid of excess weight.

According to the “Journal of the American diet community,” one hundred vegetarians 50 to lose weight fast, 32 were freed from digestive problems. 60 – Have put in order the nervous system. 53 are better to see and hear. 40 have almost ceased to catch a cold, 15 to strengthen hair and nails. If you decide to become a vegetarian, take the transition to vegetarian food responsibly. Vegetarian food without harm to health can only be an entirely healthy person older than 25 years.

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How to eat vegetarian food, so as not to harm their health

Animal products contain components that enable the development of an organism, its regular work and supporting the immune system. Here is a list of nutrients, the content of which you have to follow, if you need to your health.

Proteins or proteins – Vegetarian Food

Protein must be ingested necessary. Vegetables, beans, nuts, soy protein will help fill the shortage. For not vegans – milk, cheese, and eggs.

AT 12

Without this vitamin disturbed hemoglobin. The condition of the nervous system is directly related to the presence of B-12. If you cannot get it from dairy products and eggs, take vitamin addition.

Calcium – Vegetarian Food

The daily requirement for calcium throughout life ranges from 1 to 1.2 mg. Compensate for the lack of calcium can be from dairy products or of figs, broccoli, soy cheese, cereals.

Vitamin D

Natural sources of this vitamin in the diet a little bit – fatty fish, eggs, egg yolk and dairy products increased fat. Long vitamin D deficiency is likely to lead to a risk of developing osteoporosis and cancer. However, our body can produce this vitamin itself by ensuring a prolonged sun exposure. Unfortunately, not many people can afford it. Therefore, be sure to eat foods rich in vitamin D. artificially

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A daily intake of nuts, seeds, raisins, prunes, vegetables, and cereals will eliminate the problem with iron deficiency. Anemia and bleeding – the manifestation of iron deficiency.


When this element enters the body with animal food, it is digested easily, and zinc deficiency in vegetarian is showing relatively rare. Vegetarians also need to monitor the content of zinc carefully. The daily menu should be soy cheese, wheat germ, nuts, cereals. Eggs and dairy products – for those who chose a gentle vegetarian.


Fatty acids, opposing the development of certain cancers and heart disease. They can be obtained from oily fish or plants. Fatty acids sufficient in soybeans, walnuts, flaxseed oil and green vegetables.

Vegetarianism is not the easiest way to lose weight fast

Transitioning to a vegetarian food should be gradual and do it better in the quiet time for you. Most favorably, of course, summer, when it is possible to diversify the table is not depleting the nutritional diet. Note that with the onset of winter; a vegetarian food will cease to be economical if you live in the United States.

  • No illusions, it is easy to lose weight fast by giving up animal products.
  • Vegetable fats and high-calorie fat butter. Sweet fruit and cereals are not exactly dieted food.
  • Given the need to eat a balanced way throughout the year, understand that a quiet life with vegetarianism has nothing to do.

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How to lose weight fast – Vegetarian Food

If you want to lose weight fast, you have to go to nutrition

Losing weight with the help of proper nutrition assumes that some quite acceptable rules that will soon become your way of life.

The new attitude to cooking – Vegetarian Food

Proper food is certainly a significant factor in good nutrition. In what may become lower the amount of fried food. Boiled, steamed, baked dishes and steam can be quite tasty, and calorie intake will be reduced significantly. When cooking, foods stored maximum vitamins, minerals.

Discard the semis

Do not be lazy to cook for yourself, without using shoplifting dumplings, meatballs, and other semi-finished products. In their preparation is commonly used egg powder, which is several times high-calorie egg. And the composition of the dishes betters to know for sure.

Prepare small portions

Eat only fresh food. By the way, according to the wisdom of the Tibetans, hot food loses all useful properties. It ‘s hard to give such advice to modern women and yet try not to cook for a few days.

Count calories – Vegetarian Food

It is unlikely that you will carefully calculate the calorie content of each dish, but

Try not to go beyond the permissible. Better a little gleaning than bust. You understand that vegetable salad contains fewer calories than a piece of cake.

Eat soup – Vegetarian Food

Soups are easier to digest and beneficial for digestion. Since childhood, you have heard this many times. Word to your moms and grandmothers confirm reputable nutritionists.

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Even the rules of proper nutrition to lose weight fast

  • If you can not entirely give up the baking (it happens), at least, do not fry patties in oil.
  • do not use mayonnaise; replace it with low-fat sour cream.
  • Instead use a dry seasoning sauces.
  • Instead of frying in oil use extinguishing. Often the oil or fat can be substituted with water; the taste quality will not be affected by this.
  • Eat plenty of fresh and stewed vegetables.
  • Do not mix proteins with carbohydrates. Meat and fish can be combined only with vegetables, except potatoes. Cereals and Potatoes “friends” with vegetables.
  • After a hearty dinner, dessert is better to refuse. This simple rule, is not it?
  • Give up sugar. Replace it with honey, while maintaining a sense of proportion, of course.
  • Forget about carbonated beverages.

Fasting days

A very efficient way to lose weight fast. It is a mistake to think that it is hungry days. No, a lot of options for handling days. Select a convenient option for you and your fasting days will become a useful habit.

  • Black bread and milk. It is a comfortable day, besides a lot of calcium in milk that has a positive impact on health. The liter of milk and 150 grams of bread – it isn’t so little, agree.
  • Suitable if you are not suffering from gastritis. Eat apples in unlimited quantities. At the same time compensate for the deficiency of iron, potassium, and other mineral elements.
  • Rice and buckwheat. Anything one. Believe me; you do not eat a lot, but not flavored fat.
  • Unlike milk is almost never causes food intolerances. One and a half liters of yogurt a day – quite a possible task.
  • Plenty of fresh cabbage.

Observing the fasting days, you quietly to lose a few kilos and improve metabolism. The reward will be a clear skin and vigor.

These were the tips for healthy people who want to lose a few kilograms overweight.

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How to lose weight fast for gastritis – Vegetarian Food

If this diagnosis is necessary to choose the diet carefully

The vegetarian diet involves food fruits and vegetables, and they consist of fiber running as a whisk for the digestive tract. Of course, this is very useful for cleaning the body. But mucosa, gastritis damaged, it will be like Emery.

Gastritis with high acidity even tomatoes can cause aggravation, turning into the ulcer. Diets for people suffering from gastritis with high and low acidity, slightly different. Similarly, it is not recommended that the salty, fried and spicy food, canned food, fresh bread, hot and cold dishes.

Theoretically, it is possible to lose weight fast using a regular diet, which reduces the number of calories consumed. Also taking into account the characteristics of the disease, to choose the right food for gastritis, should consult a doctor or dietitian gastroenterologist, to avoid unpleasant surprises related to the change of diet.

We can restrict ourselves to the most common tips:

  • Abstain from sugary carbonated drinks;
  • Limit sugar and flour
  • Avoid fatty foods

Proper nutrition for gastritis includes mandatory regular meals. Portions should be small and short-lived intervals. 5-6 meals a day – the optimal mode for gastritis. Food should be warm, and it should be thoroughly chewed. During exacerbation of products better to wipe and keep track of their temperature – cold and hot contraindicated.

Products, contributing to weight loss

Each product can influence the process. Some holdback hunger, others cause satiety with almost no calories, others regulate metabolism.

Any presentation of the healthy food will list your products, the use of which in some way will contribute to lose weight fast.

  • Apples, pears, figs – will create a false sense of satiety at low-calorie content.
  • Pine nuts, almonds, low fat cottage cheese – reduce appetite because they contain a lot of protein.
  • Cold soup – for his “warm up” the body expends calories nearly as much as the extracts of this soup. Vegetable juice can replace this soup.
  • Green tea – 4 cups of this tea daily will bring amazing results. With proper diet, naturally
  • Spices – pepper, mustard, horseradish, etc. promote fat burning.

If you use these products regularly, the extra weight will be discharged more quickly. Still, the main rule – eaten should not exceed consumed. It’s simple.

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