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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

What is a Water Diet

Water Diet – The the fact that water is the basis of the human body, they know almost everything, but that does not prevent many scorns the use of the liquid? It’s hard to imagine, but only pure water in sufficient quantity can significantly transform and heal the human body, including to give him an opportunity to get rid of excess fat.

The ability of water to remove toxins, to create a feeling of satiety, accelerate metabolism allowed to develop on its basis a particular liquid diet for weight loss. The essence of this method is to dump excess weight is quite simple: if you had the feeling of hunger – drink, if the desire to eat in half an hour left, it is necessary to satisfy it. According to reviews, the water diet in a healthy way and effortlessly allows a week to become easier to 2-3 kg.

Basic principles of water diet

Before you “sit” on the water diet is necessary to make calculations to determine the optimal daily amount of liquid:

  1. The first option involves multiplying the weight in kilograms 40; a result is supposed to be the result showing the amount of water in milliliters. For example, a weight of 60 kg on a calculated result is equal to formula 2.4 liters per day.
  2. The second option proposes to divide the calculation of its own weight 20, and the final number should have in liters. Accordingly, at 60 kg will have to drink a day 3 liters of water.

Because of the water diet for weight loss, in addition to its primary mission, aims not to harm the body, without the presence of the practice on the use of a large amount of water recommended to adhere to the first embodiment of the calculation.

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Recommendations for water diet:

  • Every day should begin and end with a glass of clean water;
  • For a day is necessary to drink water quantity, calculated by the formula;
  • Consumption of alcoholic and carbonated beverages, coffee, tea, the diet should be on time to eliminate or at least limit;
  • If one of these “undesirable” drink was drunk. It is necessary to compensate the use of an additional cup of water;
  • The most optimal time to initiate water diet for weight loss is the summer when the body’s need for fluid increases. While it is displayed as quickly as possible, and the organs not loaded;
  • To digestive processes slowed down, and excess fat accumulated. It is necessary to drink water only 20-30 minutes before meals or after 1.5-2 hours after admission;
  • Should drink slowly, in small sips;
  • The maximum quantity of water drunk at a time. Should not exceed two glasses could otherwise stretch the stomach;
  • If the daily fluid rate exceeds three liters, must also take vitamin preparations. Because large number of water flushes out the body’s many useful substances and salts thereof;
  • Uses water must clean and non-carbonated, to give it taste qualities not use lemon juice at the same time to drink some juice and drinks not recommended;
  • The best option for liquid water diet – a local artesian water bottling room temperature;
  • Since the primary objective of this diet is to get rid of the extra kilos, it should not abuse. And better and to give up sweets, flour products, and fatty foods.

As the reviews, the water diet is more effective if the recommended drinking regimen to combine with sports and increased physical activity.

Advantages and disadvantages of water diet

To fully enjoy all the benefits water diet for weight loss not recommended to stick with it for more than three weeks. Or may cause health problems to the background of the kidneys and urinary tract congestion. If you have a desire to repeat the water diet, it can do no sooner than three to four weeks.

Thus, the abundant use of water can help not only to lose weight fast. And easily but also get other nice bonuses in the form of:

  1. Normalization of the bowel and there are no problems with the chair;
  2. Improvements complexion and skin condition;
  3. Enhancement of mood and sense of charge energy.

Despite all the positive reviews, the water diet contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the urinary system. Furthermore, the use of large amounts of water can cause increased blood pressure and the occurrence of edema in hypertensive patients. Nor should experiment with a water diet expectant. And nursing mothers, as well as those who have a predisposition to edema.

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