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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Weight Loss Program

How to train correctly to lose weight program. How to start sporting activities and how to alternate training to achieve a good result. Compliance with the rules of practice and the regime described in this article will help get rid of excess fat and gain weight again.

A reliable way to just lose weight fast permanently, tighten the skin and tone the body – it is a sport in conjunction with proper nutrition. But not everyone knows how to start exercising, especially if you’ve never had the experience of games.

When hiking in the fitness centre on sessions with a trainer cannot afford it, you can easily do at home or to go to the stadium. This will be even more convenient since it is possible to choose the optimal time for a workout and even save money. The main thing – to learn the basic rules of safe and effective weight loss method, following which, a few months it will be possible to have a gorgeous body.

Positive attitude

If you want to do, it’s great. It is necessary to tune the result and to understand that the sport – it’s not a hard and tedious work and enjoyable pastime, which, moreover, heals the body and the spirit. Fitness should be a fad.

Proper clothing

The first stage of the beginning of the training program – is to buy a good sportswear. It’s time to throw the stretched T-shirts and shapeless pants. It is better to buy a new bright suit, which wants to wear. Shoes should be comfortable and breathable to keep your feet do not sweat. The best option – running shoes, in some cases, the permissible sports shoes.

Exercise program for lose weight fast

How often to train

For beginners, it is better not to indulge “in all serious.” To employment must be approached with a mind to have an impact. Start training only gradually. In the first week should be only two practice. On the second – already 3. After a month can be a full program of 4-5 sessions per week. It will be possible to train the body to stress, not discourage them engaged and give your body enough time to recover.

What type of exercise to choose slimming

To lose weight and “tighten” the body requires both cardio and strength training. It is not necessary to combine them in one day. To lose weight the girl for maximum effect, right mood, tone and improve health need to alternate between cardio and strength exercises, assigning them to different days.

Where to start and how to finish a workout

Any workout should start with a warm-up. Simple swings his arms and legs, shallow squats, lunges, twists help to warm up and insure against injuries. At the end of training required stretching. It will be able to make the muscles more flexible, to increase their capacity for growth and get rid of delayed onset muscle soreness. From the tissue will indicate lactic acid, which is the cause of pain.

What is most important for weight loss

Critical regime. If the target has been set, do not go astray. Exercise must be regular. It is desirable to have always been in a class one and the same time. Since the body is easier to adapt.

Terms of cardio – Weight Loss Program

The most efficient cardio considered:

  • running;
  • bicycle riding;
  • jumping with a rolling pin;
  • swimming;
  • Classes on orbitrek.

Cardio exercises can help “dry up” the body, get rid of excess fat, remove the sides. Work necessary for at least 20 min., And ideally 30-40. If you want to take a break, you can stay, but not more than 3 minutes. At this time, little can drink water to replenish the loss of body fluids.

Terms of Strength Training – Weight Loss Program

Strength training program is needed to bring in muscle tone and tighten the skin and make the body flexible. As is known, active muscles burn fat, even in a state of relaxation. Metabolism improves in a few times, so that will be able to keep in shape.

If the classes take place in the gym, do not need to throw it to the same device, then to the other. All you need to do one by one, to give the body the right load. The same law applies to your home workout.

Begin to strengthen muscles needed on top, moving down. So, first you need to swing his arms and chest, and then press the back, then the buttocks and thighs, and in the end – the legs and shins.

Effective strength training (in order of performance):

  • push-ups;
  • training on simulators, “Butterfly”;
  • breeding Hand in hand with dumbbells;
  • Press the direct, oblique;
  • squats;
  • leg lifting (with or without);
  • attacks;
  • extension of the legs while sitting.

To strengthen the muscles, but not much increase them to the extent necessary to carry out exercises in a fast or medium pace. Each type of load is required to perform three sets of 10-20 times each. Breaks between sets 1-3 minutes.

An example of the program of training in the gym for weight loss

All exercises are performed supersets to achieve the effect of “fat burning”. This means that the exercises following each other in the program and members of superset played without rest in a circle. You do three types of activities on one approach, and then you can relax and catch your breath for 1-2 minutes, then start a new loop with the first superset exercises.

Operating weight is chosen depending on the level of their training and goals – weight loss is recommended to take a small weight at which the last three reps you performed with little effort. Moreover, to achieve the volume reduction necessary to carry out the exercises at a vigorous pace.

Day 01 – Weight Loss Program

Four laps (supersets):

  1. Squat with a wide stance – 15 times;
  2. Reduction of the legs in the simulator – 20 times;
  3. Bending feet in the simulator – 20 times.

Four laps:

  1. Link the upper unit – 15 times;
  2. Reverse push-ups – 20 times;
  3. The lower block Link – 15 times.

Four laps:

  1. Lunges with dumbbells back – 15 times;
  2. The rise of the biceps – 20 times;
  3. Trainers – 20 times;
  4. Press the floor twisting – 40 times.

The completion of any training day will be 30-40 minutes at a comfortable pace cardio loads on any cardio equipment.

Day 02 – Weight Loss Program

Four laps (supersets):

  1. Dumbbell bench press on a bench, standing at an angle of 45 degrees – 15 times;
  2. Extension of hands in a block – 20 times;
  3. Dumbbell bench press standing up – 15 times;
  4. Lifting dumbbells in front of you – 20 times.

3-4 rounds:

  1. Link Sumo – 20 times;
  2. The leg press in the simulator – 20 times;
  3. Raising the legs in the simulator – 40 times;
  4. Twisting the news – 40 times.

Day 03 – Weight Loss Program

3-4 range (supersets):

  1. Lunges forward with a barbell or body bar – 15 times;
  2. Extension of legs in the simulator – 20 times;
  3. Lead feet in the simulator (or crossover) – 15 times.

Three laps:

  1. Bench Arnold – 15 times;
  2. Hammers biceps – 20 times;
  3. Lifting dumbbells from behind the head (triceps) – 15 times.

Four laps:

  1. Trainers – 15 times;
  2. Bending feet in the simulator – 20 times;
  3. Romanian Rod – 15 times;
  1. Raising the legs on the press (on the floor or in the “corner”) 4 sets of 20 repetitions or twisting on the floor “bicycle” (your elbows to your knees in turns diagonally) 3 sets of 40 repetitions.

Food for lose weight fast in the period of training

Not recommended to eat before and after exercise for 1 hour. To the effect of the training was the maximum, you should adhere to the prescribed personal weight loss menu, eat less fat and “fast carbohydrates”, prefer proteins, vegetables, fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

If you persevere and forget about laziness, will be able to make the body fit and attractive. The first results will be seen after 2-3 weeks, and the scales will show them even earlier.


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