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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Work during Pregnancy

Work during pregnancy. A huge number of pregnant women and continue to go to work until the time until the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. Most often it happens in cases where the pregnancy is calm and without any unpleasant complications. Those maternal feelings that arise during this period can make you more cautious, careful and attentive towards themselves.

However, very often future moms may unduly overestimate its strength. Someone thinks that could well afford to work with the same intensity. The result in such a situation can be only one, things will fall out of the hands, the work can become more burdensome, and future career will be presented an extremely vague. Think maybe it is not worth it, insist that you have an active career woman and a workaholic? Maybe you can at least for the nine months to abandon this activity, because of this depends on the health of the baby? It may indeed be better-spent vitality and energy efficient, only those things that are vital?

Work during Pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy will be formed so-called doctors dominant pregnancy, in other words, it is the time in which a woman can take their new state. And all the time is not too social phenomena like forgetfulness, distraction, and a dominant pregnancy causes the even decline of mental abilities. Thus, nature itself considers it necessary to make sure that all their vitality and thoughts of the future mother, were concentrated on the future baby, as well as nature creates an almost feminine attitude to pregnancy in general. And so, of course, it makes sense to think about how you will be able to take care of gestation, it’s still a tiny baby, at this stage, we are, of course, talking about work, nutrition, physical and psychological stress, lifestyle.

There is a lovely setting that can help you formulate a correct position on pregnancy and labor, try to imagine it yourself in the place which is now your baby.

Schedule a pregnant woman and her health

Do not think that when you are pregnant, at work you will be given some special privileges. If you are constantly late for work, or to shift their responsibilities to someone else’s shoulders, most likely the authorities will not look at your situation, and can sharply enough to express to you my well-founded dissatisfaction. Moreover, you can amass enemies among colleagues. No one will deny that you are in an unusual position, and still do your best and try to assess all possibilities at this stage soberly. If you too hard to maintain its previous rhythm of work, try to talk with the leadership about how to possibly make your schedule more flexible or to ask for the provisional release you from any part of the truly complex duties. So you can avoid misunderstanding of colleagues, as well as potential conflicts in the future, both with employees and with management. Pregnancy – is not a disease at all is the build of a particular character, and agree that your company does not go bankrupt if sometimes you will somewhat reduce its former hyperactivity. Even in the too early stages of pregnancy, you will be better to think about how to allocate and plan your time shortly properly, and will need to make some emphasis on the time before and after delivery. If you want to work, then you certainly will not be easy, if you do not manage to correctly calculate their mental and physical strength, as well as emotions. Critical to be able to learn to listen to yourself and your body, as well as find out how to adequately perceive some of the difficulties and try not to make even blunders.


The efficiency of a pregnant woman is dependent primarily on the state of her health. When a woman is exhausted most important toxicosis, then, of course, to work fully, efficiently and at full capacity, it is, of course, cannot it just impossible. In cases where you are unable to avoid contact with irritating factors you or these factors are so numerous that simply have nowhere to escape, try to think about the possible part-time work. Understand, the more time you allow yourself to relax, the easier and safer you will react to the temporary inconvenience and even difficulties that can accompany pregnancy. Set your priorities right, determine for themselves what is more important to you, your even very high-paying job or health of the single and beloved man that note, it is very much will depend on your mommy, peace of mind. Remember a reasonable compromise is always possible to find.

Work during Pregnancy

Many studies show that the birth of a baby with low birth weight is a too early detachment of child seats, as well as a rise in blood pressure in the mother directly associated with some adverse factors, occur in women at work. This constant stress, and highly volatile schedule or too exhausting work from early morning until late at night. These factors clearly bear the enormous physical and psychological stress of course. And of course, you just need very well and thoroughly think about whether it is possible for you to load such a tedious if you decide to remain still in the workplace during pregnancy.

The relationship with the employer – Work during pregnancy

You cannot hide the fact that the social conditions of our life are such that there are employers who, unfortunately, did not accept with joy the news of their pregnancy occurs essential employees. Sometimes, even so, that about a woman become pregnant can be used is not correct and not entirely accurate methods. Become pregnant woman can create such working conditions, it may simply be forced to abandon the work. Suffice it in this situation, just do not change the hard, heavy schedule and reasonable irregular working hours, send a woman into an elaborate tiring trip or not to release the planned methods of antenatal care. If you have something like this happens, you have developed just such a relationship with management, try not to fall for these tricks. Feel free to consult a competent lawyer. If you are sure that you can prove his innocence, and makes a strong case accordingly show the illegality of actions of your employer, you will be able to take the necessary protective measures, which will advise the lawyer.


Do not write on the insistence of the management application for dismissal, respectively, on their own, even when the management will offer you finalize two more weeks, to keep up appearances. If you are at work, there is an attempt to dismiss you, only because of the pregnancy it gives you a reason to handle direct requests or complaints directly to the Labour Inspectorate. Do not worry; it is not hurt your working life and here is a guide that is accustomed to practicing such methods of management, no longer will repeat them in situations already with other women. In any case, after all, you will be able to leave without a trace of remorse is a place of work. Do not worry, when strictly necessary to make money is entirely possible to find another employer, and, incidentally, with the ability to make a home, to avoid health risks, and does not suffer from the unbearable conditions in the workplace.

Work during Pregnancy

And yet, in most cases, a woman is easier to find common ground and agree on a compromise with the usual for her employer. Where is your normal mode of operation does not involve enormous and unbearable loads, or when management decides almost everything meet you, creating more flexible conditions acceptable for you to work for a pregnant woman has its definite advantages. It:

  • Excellent stimulation pushes you to be always in shape, to make every effort to monitor their appearance.
  • Work does not allow you to relax and gain unnecessary weight, which often happens enough when a woman bears a pregnancy at home.
  • At work always it seems that time flies faster and work affairs and concerns do not leave time for some anxious or restless mind.
  • The working atmosphere gives a feeling of financial freedom and independence, and this, in turn, self-confidence and, of course, in the future.

Lawyers are always turning our attention to the fact that you must report on their ensuing pregnancy management, after the first three months of pregnancy, when your condition has stabilized and returned to normal, and the belly is becoming apparent to everyone around you.

When you’re ready to talk with the boss, think about them and clearly define all its possibilities:

  • Up to what stage of pregnancy, you would like to modify?
  • Will the functional responsibilities of your work to find a more flexible schedule for you?
  • Can you and whether you want to take part of the work on the house, and go out into the workplace especially in agreement with the authorities?

Sitting at a computer at home and work

In today’s world, most of us are no longer able to imagine their daily lives without using a computer. Computers have become almost an integral part of our lives, which fully applies to the future mothers. Using Internet resources future moms can afford to find out all the relevant information for them about pregnancy and childbirth; women are used to communicating in forums to discuss the most burning in their view threads in certain circles of interest. They can make orders in various virtual stores using the delivery service to the house, and at the same time also manage to keep working. And finally, the most important condition is critical for women in the modern world. As a rule, the computer can allow a pregnant woman to organize a so-called full employment is not at work, and to perform some of the cases, without leaving home. The presence of a computer allows a pregnant woman to continue to work, even at the exit on maternity leave and, of course, after the birth. Such a possibility quite often helps to keep their job and thus financial independence.


Modern scientists have so much time and cannot confidently assert that the computer brings any harm to the human body as well as cannot, justified claim to the contrary.

Despite the fact that neither harm nor benefit from the use of the computer is not proved, the future moms will still be better to take care of themselves using simple but significant enough rules.

How to organize your workplace

  • It is necessary that the screen was exactly at eye level. Under your desk should be enough free space to a pregnant woman was able to pull the legs only. Conventional chairs would be better to replace the spinning head preferably with adjustable backrest, armrests, height adjustable. The comfortable chair is always a woman cannot noticeable to put a pillow on the back for the prevention of this painful lumbar degenerative disc disease.
  • Work at the computer in this mode is better: to actively work for forty-five minutes, after which a mandatory rest break for fifteen minutes. The monitor screen during a break would be better to turn off.
  • At that time, when you want to take a break, be sure to get up from the table. If possible, go outside to walk a bit or just stand at a lot of outdoor activities.
  • Try every fifteen or twenty minute’s maximum continuous operation change the position in which you are sitting. You can shake your shoulders, slightly move your feet; you can even shake his head. All these are not sophisticated techniques will help you get rid of fatigue. When you are sitting too long without moving, it can lead to an absolute stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, and in the legs, and this, in turn, can cause the formation of hemorrhoids, as well as varicose veins.
  • When pregnancy is long work, sitting at the computer several times increases the risk that it may be a so-called tunnel syndrome, carpal joint. Do not rest your wrists on the edge of the table, try not to keep your hands in the air, also, try to choose the most comfortable ergonomic keyboard. Try to train yourself not to strike the keys with your fingers, but only a little gently touches them desirable without straining fingers. The best way is still to learn touch typing; it is good for your eyes, hands, and your hands, and also perfectly saves your time. Teach yourself from time to time to do some exercises for the hands. Shake your wrists, rotate them, first compress and then decompress cams.
Work during Pregnancy
  • Do not forget to arrange breaks to rest your eyes. From time to time try to do special exercises for the eyes. At first, blink rapidly makes a few rotational motions of eyeballs, the reason the eyes from one side to the other end at the same time, drooping eyelids, try alternating the focus the mind on remote objects, then close.
  • Think about where your computer is installed, whether considered when installing the next light sources and light direction. It would be better if you sit with your back to such a source of natural light as a window, but on sunny days it is better to cover the blinds or curtains. It is legal when an active light source is to the right or your left.
  • To work was not the very high optimal illumination of a burden. In areas with insufficient lighting is necessary to correct a balanced combination of natural and artificial light sources. It is unacceptable at all to the computer monitor was the only source of light, as well as an extremely negative situation, when electric lighting too bright.
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