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Monday, October 7, 2019

Kidneys are a vital organ, which, among other functions, is responsible for the purification of our blood. Therefore, it is extremely important to notice in time the slightest signs that may indicate that your kidneys are not coping with their tasks.

In this article, we will look at the signals that tell us that we should pay attention to the health of the kidneys. Some of them may surprise you!


The kidneys and the urinary system are responsible for controlling the water balance in our body, so if we suffer from excessive sweating, or, conversely, insufficient, these problems may be related to the state of our kidneys.

Usually people who sweat strongly are concerned with this issue only from the point of view of aesthetics, for example, they are concerned about the unpleasant smell and wet stains on clothing. However, in addition to the fact that natural remedies should be selected to help eliminate this problem, it is also important to pay attention to the functioning of the kidneys.


It is normal that after physical exertion or mental overstrain, we feel tired. Nevertheless, it is bad if this situation drags on for a long time or we feel constantly tired without any objective reason.

Fatigue is associated with improper functioning of the kidneys and liver , and is especially common in the spring or autumn season, so it is at this time especially useful to cleanse the body of toxins.

Edema due to fluid retention

As we wrote earlier, the kidneys regulate the water level in the body and, therefore, if they do not work well, our body suffers from a lack of fluid in some areas (dryness, dehydration) and excess fluid in others.

This is especially noticeable in some parts of the body, where fluid is usually retained , for example, it may be swollen legs, abdomen, or bags under the eyes.

This imbalance is a sure sign that our kidneys need little extra help.

Hearing problems

Although this may seem surprising to you, some researchers believe that there is a connection between problems with hearing and even certain types of deafness with problems of kidney function.

These data are especially relevant for those  who experience temporary deterioration of hearing , because in this case it can be useful to support your body with natural products or food additives that help improve kidney function.

Pain in the lumbar region

If we put our hands on the belt, then just above our index finger will be located the kidneys. Many people believe that the kidneys are much lower in the lower lumbar region, but this is not true.

If you experience pain or discomfort in this area, perhaps your kidneys are inflamed.

Pain in the knees

Kidneys are associated with joint health in general and, in particular, the knees . According to research data, if you experience knee pain, then in addition to special treatment, it is also possible to resort to certain procedures to balance kidney function. Thus, you eliminate the cause of the problem and accelerate the healing process.

I want to eat something salty

If you feel an acute desire to eat certain foods or prefer certain tastes, be aware that this may indicate a deficiency of any substances in the body.

In the event that  you notice that lately you are attracted to salty foods, your kidneys may need help .

In many cases, this symptom is also associated with fatigue, in which our body tries to quickly fill a lack of energy. Nevertheless, it will be more useful for health to establish precisely the cause of this phenomenon.

How to take care of kidney health?

In order to carry out treatment by natural means, it is best to visit a physician-therapist. He will develop an individual treatment plan for you.

If your symptoms are not serious, you do not take medication and do not suffer from any illness at this time, at least once a year you can perform kidney cleansing procedures at home.

Here are the options for natural remedies that will help you:

  • Herbal teas that help improve kidney function.
  • Onion soups and broths, helping to relieve inflammation in the kidneys.
  • Vegetable juices and cocktails that remove toxins.
  • Warming of the kidney area.
  • Medical jars on the back, in the area where the kidneys are located.

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